An innovative and creative educator who is a learner first. Guides and collaborates with teams and individuals in re-imagining education by designing new ways of teaching and learning.

Dedicated and hardworking leader who likes to fuse active learning, technolgoy, innovation and critical thinking in a concept driven curriculum. Supporting students to make posotive choices in and out of the classroom to make the world a better place. A believer in creating a better world for the futures with an emphasis of taking action in the classroom.

Understands and models the use of technology to redefine learning, including social media, to allow children to be positive digital global citizens. Enjoys working outside and bringing education to life through play, inquiry based learning and experiential learning experiences.

An educator who believes that a creating a culture in a school is the first step for all members of the community to feel safe so that they can become their best learners.

Joel currently has a few roles :

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