Travelling Tales – Amplification

Travelling Tales was my COETAIL course 5 final project. I can’t believe that it all started in November 2016. Time really has flown by.

Travelling Tales has grown and grown in the past 8 months and has allowed students in my class to create meaningful and purposeful global collaborations. Not only has it created connections for my class but it has for other classrooms around the world, too. Traveling Tales has grown so much more than I ever could have imagined since that initial spark to design and create Travelling Tales.

I have just had a look at some of the stats and…

Created with Typorama by J.Bevans CC
Created with Typorama by J.Bevans CC
  • in 8 months there have been 14 Travelling Tales.
  • 39 educators have signed up to take part.
  • 15 different countries have taken part.
  • 1 Tale was in all in French.
  • 1 Tale was maths based.

It is a project that has been so much fun to be part of and has allowed connections for students and teachers across the world.

The concept of Traveling Tales is simple. Split a story into 5 parts:

  1. Beginning
  2. Build Up
  3. Problem
  4. Resolution
  5. Ending

Each class completes a different part of the story, using Adobe Spark Video and then passes it on via Twitter or email to the next class. This part is a little like a digital campfire.

The Tales themselves have been scary and funny. They have been created by learners as young as 4 years old, and as old as 13 years old. We have had schools taking part from New Zealand, to Vietnam, to Qatar, to Latvia, to Georgia (USA) to Ecuador. After all, no mater your age or where you are in the world everyone has a story to tell. Here is one example of a Travelling Tale called ‘The Adventures of Robot Joe and Robot Bow’. It was created by :

  • International School of Phenom Phen
  • Alden elementary, USA
  • International School of Luxembourg
  • Island Bay School, New Zealand
  • Qatar Academy Al-Wakra

It has allowed classrooms to continue to connect to each other after their Traveling Tale was finished. Classrooms have had Skype conversations and found out more about the students that they are collaborating with. The flat classroom. 

It has connected schools from across the world together and this post is a way of saying thank you to all the amazing educators who took a risk and signed their classrooms up to take part. There are too many to name here but THANK YOU to you all! Because without educators willing to give things a try, or take a chance then the project really would not have got off the ground.

When you see a new idea or new project online it can be hard to sign up. How will this fit into the learning in my setting or classroom? How will it benefit the children? 

Well I really think that learning in such a way makes learning purposeful. It gives it meaning. It means that the learning goes further. The children’s ideas and voices are amplified to a larger audience. Global connections really do allow students to show their best work to a captured audience. Sylvia Tolisano (Langwitches) says it better than me.

As we are amplifying our students’ work, we are exposing to and modeling for our students new literacies, such as network and global literacy. They are learning and creating (highest level of Bloom’s Taxonomy’s Thinking) with an authentic, global audience in mind. Langwitches

I think that this is the true beauty of 21st Century Digital learning. Taking learning to the next level.

So, thanks to all of the Tribe of Travelling Tales. It really is much appreciated.

Travelling Tales will return in a remixed style in August 2017.

Do you want to amplify your classroom?  Join us….

Please take a look at The Travelling Tales website for all of our Tales. 

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