Travelling Tales -A COETAIL Course 5 Final Project

Travelling Tales

When creating this video, I thought it would be challenging to make 10 minutes’ worth of video content. As it is the video is over 10 minutes and there is still things that I did not put in! How did that happen? I think my project really helped me! Essentially the project is about children creating a story or Tale in a video format – so in the video you will see examples of the children’s work along the way.

Typorama created by J.Bevans CC
Typorama created by J.Bevans CC

But before the video there was lots to organise…

Travelling Tales started because of connections that we were making in our class and from an idea from one of my students. Before thinking about creating my project video I needed to think about setting a few things up. I needed to:      

Created with Typorama by J.Bevans CC
Created with Typorama by J.Bevans CC

Back to the video…

The process of making the video began with creating a storyboard. I decided to use Google slides for this because I thought it would allow me to manipulate images and words. In the end I did not use images in my plan. I don’t know why but it just happened that way. Instead what you see is me writing down my thoughts and ideas – a little like a script.

First Steps…

I thought iMovie would be the best tool for me to create my Project video and after cutting videos, adding voice overs, putting transition slides in etc. For a whole day I had only ended up with about 4 minutes’ worth of video. I was slightly depressed by the whole thing. I even showed it to my wife who wasn’t too complimentary! Not good.

Next Steps…

So after a little soul searching and a lot of thinking I changed my approach. The children during the project use Adobe Spark Voice to share their stories. Why can’t I do the same? And that is what I did. I used the same tool the children used for their project in my project. I still used iMovie to cut and slice it together but I think it’s pretty cool that I used the same tool to tell a story or Tale as the children.

So here it is Travelling Tales. A COETAIL course 5 Final Project by Joel Bevans created using Adobe Spark Voice and iMovie.

Things that didn’t make the cut…

As I said at the start there is work and evidence that did not make the final video otherwise it would have been a COETAIL epic (a Steven Spielberg hour long effort!!) So here are few more pieces of evidence of my Project. There have been four Travelling Tales so far. The first one is part of my Project Video but here are the other three Travelling Tales.

Fred the Lonely Teddy

Lulu the Baby Tiger

Augustine the Ghost

Moving Forward…

Travelling Tales will continue. I am just in the process of sorting out the next Travelling Tales and it looks like we may have 3 Tales happening simultaneously. But we are always looking for more classes to connect with. If you would like to join Travelling Tales, then please sign up here.

And that is that. My last official COETAIL blog post. But I will be back. I will not go back to my old ways of being a lurker. No I will continue to try to be Comfortably Uncomfortable. Because that is what COETAIL does to you – it pushes you to that space where you learn, develop and connect.


Created with Typorama by J.Bevans CC
Created with Typorama by J.Bevans CC

23 thoughts on “Travelling Tales -A COETAIL Course 5 Final Project

  1. Fantastic job, Joel!! I thought about using Adobe Spark at the start, too.. but, I didn’t I could pull it off. Well, done! I loved the images and the pace of your video.. it didn’t feel like 10+ minutes at all (and, the music was awesome, too!). You’ve done so much with Travelling Tale and I’m so happy for you and all your success with this project! Big congrats!
    Your friend all the way from Taiwan,


    1. Hi Nicky,
      Thanks so much for your comments. Travelling Tales has been a great journey ( no pun intended!) and I sincerely thank you for being one of the risk takers who offered to jump on board for the first travelling tale. It was a great experience and my class loved connecting with yours and Nicola’s throughout Bob the Big White Shark. It would be great to connect classes again in the New Year when we have a little more energy – but let’s try something new…
      Thanks again for your comments, help and support throughout the process.
      Your friend all the way from Luxembourg,


  2. Hi Joel,
    I really enjoyed watching your final video as well as reading your posts that are always inspiring.
    I think your travel tales project is fantastic! It is something new that can be used around the world by any student/ teacher in any language! It is creative and students centered and will definively develop students’ interest in reading, writing, telling stories and connecting to each other.
    Well done and thank you for sharing!


    1. Hi Nora,
      Thanks so much for you comments. It is much appreciated. It has been a fantastic experience from start to finish. At times I thought it wouldn’t get off the ground. But because of help and support from so many people it has worked out and has connected classrooms across the world.
      I love the idea of Travelling Tales being in other languages and I am still working on a French Travelling Tale for you…Maybe that’s one of the jobs for the new year…contes de voyage!
      Thanks again for your comments.


  3. Joel,

    This is a phenomenal project, you have definitely reached a level of redefinition! Without Spark Video, the power of Twitter, and technology, your project wouldn’t have been possible, great work. I mentioned in my reply to your comment on my post that you were my inspiration as I start the week and I stand by my statement. WOW!

    It is evident that the time and effort that you have spent creating this project is worth it. As I watched your video I could hear the level of excitement and engagement in your students voices as they shared their learning. I was also impressed on how expressive and reflective they were. As you transition to having students comment on their blogs and eportfolios I am certain you all will reach success and the reflections will be spectacular.

    I also really enjoyed how you used Spark Video in conjunction with iMovie. Shaza and I discussed doing this and for some reason (not sure why) we transitioned away from it. We also inquired about using Adobe Post but got caught up in learning how to use the new app. The next movie I make I am going to try using Spark Video! It looks and sounds great.

    I think it is important to note that not only have you connected your class globally and the engagement and learning is high, but you are also helping create a love for reading, writing, and story telling. You should be proud of yourself and your students! Having a love for reading, writing, and story telling are traits that I think are getting lost in the 21st century, so applauds to you. Keep up the great work, your work is an inspiration!

    Looking forward to connecting!




    1. Hi Danieal,
      Thanks so much for your comments. It is so kind. I think you are correct when you talk about the engagement of the children . When students are enjoying what they are doing and can see a purpose behind it then they will be more active in their thoughts and ideas. It is hard for children to create content for no one to ever see and I hope that this project allows children to collaborate and show their learning to others around the world. They loved hearing the voices from other classes and were super excited to hear how the Tale had developed since they last heard it. We have just created our the beginning of the next travelling tales and the ideas from the children were so creative but showed their learning from our previous work. It is great to see children applying their ideas, concepts and knowledges for purpose.
      Thanks for mentioning the reading, writing and storytelling element. I believe it is such an important skill for children to be able to tell a story. After all if they can not tell a story then how will they be able to write a story? Verbal storytelling has been happening since caveman and it needs to continue in schools, on the bus, and around the digital campfire.
      Thanks again. Looking forward to connecting in the future.


  4. Hi Joel,
    Genius project and I have so enjoyed watching it unfold. Your final video is so zen, so you. The steps you took to get the students to producing their final tales were so well thought out and I know that the students will not only have had amazing learning experiences with you but also a lot of fun along the way. Congratulations for continuing to inspire and support colleagues not only at ISL but globally too. Absoloutely loved the project and will be signing up. Suzy


    1. Hi Suzy,
      Thanks so much! It is much appreciated. It has been such a greta project to work on and I am looking forward to seeing how it unfolds along the way. I truly believe that our COETAIL group at ISL has been such an important element of mine COETAIL learning journey. We are so fortunate that we have all helped, supported, challenged and guided each other throughout these 5 courses. I think the weekly meetings have been a greta soundboard to ideas, thoughts and plenty of thinking! It is exciting to see where it will take us next.
      It will be great to collaborate with you again ( I have missed that this year!) and we can connect together to make a Tale. Also maybe at the end of the year your Grade 1 expert Mine-crafters can show my K2 class…What do you think?
      Thanks as ever. Cheers, Joel


  5. Wow!!

    What a cool project! I love it. I can’t wait to try using Adobe Spark- I had never even heard of it or played around on it. Super fun.

    Will definitely continue following you and grow from your ideas.

    Thanks so much for sharing!



    1. Hi NKS,
      Thanks for your comments. Adobe Spark is an awesome tool for the children to share their learning. It is such an open platform that even 5-6 year olds can use independently. So good… Do you know how you will use it?
      It has been a great to connect through COETAIL. I look forward to continuing to do so in the future.
      Good luck, Cheers,


  6. Joel, this is brilliant! What a wonderful way to have students connect and collaborate on a global scale! I love how Traveling Tales will continue to grow to include more students from different schools in various countries. Fantastic! Also, I’ll definitely take some time to check out Adobe Spark. You’ve clearly found this tool to be incredibly useful for various learning opportunities.

    Thank you so much for sharing!


    1. Hi Lauren,
      Thanks so much. It is mind-blowing that Travelling Tales is continuing – in fact I organised the next Tales last week and we are now going to have 3 Tales at one time.. It will have 14 different classes, 13 different schools, and 9 countries all taking part. Amazing Stuff!
      I love Adobe Spark – it is a great tool for the children to independently show their learning about anything. Thanks so much for your comments.
      Cheers, Joel


  7. Hi Joel,
    This is amazing. I really enjoyed the video and you have done a fantastic job. It is really amazing to see these little kids are able to share, connect and communicate. I would like to share your video with KG teachers in my school.
    Thank you


    1. Hi Sahza,
      Thanks so much for your comments. It was such a great project to be part of – it is amazing what children of 5-6 year olds are able to do! I would be more than happy for you to share it with the KG teachers at your school. If you/they would then like more information about anything then please let me know. I would be happy to help in any way I can.
      Cheers, Joel


  8. Hi Joel,

    I finally got a chance to look at your project, I was trying to finish mine. Simply amazing job. You gave me great ideas and a lesson about collaboration and connectivism. It was great to see an example of collaboration in between classes around the world and your detailed steps can really help others to get inspired by your work. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the end of this cycle!


    1. Hi Valdir,
      I loved your video and project by the way…you allowed so much choice for your students and they were showing that they worked so well with that independence. Great job!
      Thanks for your comments.It has been great to connect with my classrooms with other classrooms around the world. It has also been superb to connect with other educators through COETAIL, like yourself. I will definitely keep checking in and seeing what you are up to in the future.
      Congrats to you too…here is to the future…


  9. Hi Joel,
    You know how much I like the travelling tales!!! This is just a fantastic project! And what’s more? I love the idea that someone is asking for a French version! At last, I’m not the only one anymore. It would be great if we could try to create one.
    Thanks so much for sharing!


    1. Thanks for you comments Magali. Yes a French version would be great. I’ll put some tweets out over the next week or so and see what comes back. Do you know anyone else around the world? Thanks again Cheers Joel


  10. Joel, I want to be one of your kindergartners, and that’s the most fantastic and honest feedback I can give! This was just amazing; impressive from the beginning to the end. It’s clear that you have such a love and awareness of what students need at this age, and that your classroom is child-centered with student initiative at the core. I loved every moment of your video, and look forward to following your tales in the future. Amazing work!


  11. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks so much for your comments. The children loved Travelling Tales and are still getting excited about working with different children around the world. I think that the excitement and anticipation is a huge factor. I keep on hearing “What will happen next?” when they are talking about the Tales. It is great to hear…
    Thanks again for your comments.
    Cheers, Joel


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