Lift Off

CC J.Bevans 2016 Created with Typorama
CC J.Bevans 2016 Created with Typorama

Lift off. I have made a decision, finally. For my Course 5 Final Project I am going to be working on Travelling Tales. It is (I hope…)  a simple concept based on a Story Mountain, from the author Pie Corbett. It goes a little like this…Story Mountain

  • Someone tells the beginning of a story.
  • The next person tells the build up.
  • Another person tells the problem or dilemma.
  • The fourth person tells the resolution.
  • The last person tells the ending to the tale.
  • Finally the story is told and published to the World.

It taps into the understanding that humans are social animals.  Telling a tale is the most natural thing that humans can do. We are all natural storytellers. Instead of huddling around the campfire to tell our stories like generations before us, we will be doing it around the digital campfire. Welcome to Travelling Tales.

CC J.Bevans 2016 Created with Typorama

The aim of Travelling Tales is to connect schools/classes across the world together so that they can collaborate by creating a Tale, that is then shared with the world. Each school/class will be assigned a part of the tale to tell and have  48 hours to view and then create the next part of the tale. In 2 weeks there will be a finished tale, which will be shared on the Travelling Tales Website. Each Tale will be complete with images, drawn pictures, photographs, icons or words. It is your choice as you tell the tale. Because every picture tells a tale.

CC J.Bevans 2016 Created with Typorama
CC J.Bevans 2016 Created with Typorama

How did I get here? 

Photo by J.Bevans 2016 CC

Our year in K2 started with each of our students making a story of themselves and sharing with our class. We then connected with classes in Cambodia, UK, New Zealand and Canada and inquired into how our schools and countries were similar and different. After many questions and answers between the classes a child in my class made a fantastic connection. He said “Why don’t we share our story with other classes by making a video too ?”

The class got started straight away. Thinking about what we could show in the video to our friends across the globe.

Then we organised ourselves into 3 groups and prepared the iPads for the next day. We would work in small groups (6 children and one adult) with our plan to take photos and record a description of the locations simultaneously. Just 45 minutes later the groups returned to the classroom to re-order the photos and voice-overs and here is the finished product. Welcome to International School of Luxembourg.

It is amazing for a class of 5-6 year olds to have an idea, create a plan, organise themselves into groups, take photos, record a description and publish it to the world. All within 4 weeks of working together.

It got my mind racing…Could schools work on a similar project, across the world? Could schools collaborate to create a tale? SPARK. I thought about the idea further. Spoke to colleagues. Could this work ? Let’s go. Travelling Tales was launched.


All schools/classes are working on Literacy elements in the classroom. But how much of their work makes it out of their book? How much of it has an audience? The aim of Travelling Tales is to take the work that is already going on in classrooms and share it with others. So that students can learn from each other by telling a tale. We will be connecting and collaorating and creating a tale across the world.

What do you plan to do and why?

I plan to connect my class and other classes around the world to tell a tale. They will collaborate together to create a tale for a global audience.

I want to make more connections for my students and other students around the world. There is no need for work to sit in a book that just the teacher and student see. Let’s celebrate what we are learning in the classroom by creating something that others can learn from.

How do you think you might get there?

I will be starting small. First trialling it in my school by creating a travelling tale. Then with a few members of my PLN to create more travelling tales.

But I would love it to get bigger. I have created a website, a Twitter Handle, and a Google Form (Sign up now!) so that anyone can sign up and join in Travelling Tales.

What are you hoping to see in your students learning as you conduct the project?

I am hoping that we will learn from other children. I am hoping that they are proud to share their thinking and learning. I am hoping that they enjoy seeing their work being published to an audience. I am hoping that they enjoy collaborating with others around the world.

Join Travelling Tales.


Lift Off.

Photo Credit: Jiuck via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Jiuck via Compfight cc

8 thoughts on “Lift Off

  1. Hi Joel,
    Love this idea and I think your website is amazing. I really like the fact that you have put everything in one place, it’s a really helpful resource for teachers to help them do something similar. i was thinking it would be a great way for older students to share service learning ideas and projects.
    You have done so much in such a short time with your K2 students, impressive, #connected learners.


  2. Hello Joel. Wonderful idea for a project that is globally minded. I really like your thoughts on human nature as it relates our intuitive social aspect. I look forward to your reflections toward the end of the project. Good luck and best wishes. Chris


    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for your comments. I think we are all natural storytellers – it is in our blood, we were made to tell tales.If you have anyone at your school who might be interested in the project then please send them the details. Thanks for your help and support. Cheers, Joel


  3. Joel,

    Another brilliant post by you. I shared Traveling Tales with all my teachers and I’m hoping they find the time and connection to participate. I see this project morphing into something bigger and lots of learning about #connectivism and us as storytellers. Have you read I am a Story by Dan Yaccarino ( ? It visually shows the history of storytelling and the power of a story. Here’s a trailer of it:

    Your K2 students have done so much deep thinking and sharing in such a short time. As they say in Brazil, parabéns!


    1. Hi Megan,
      Thanks so much for your comments and taking the time to share it with your colleagues. It is much appreciated. I am hoping we get a variety of schools involved in the project as we continue to think about connectivism and telling stories. I have not seen the book I am a story by Dan Yaccarino, but I will be buying it as soon as I can. It looks great and right up my street.
      K2 has been a whole lot of fun this year and I am enjoying making their thinking visible and connecting my class around the world.
      Thanks again,


  4. Hi Joel,
    What a wonderful addition to Sunday afternoon in Luxembourg! I loved the story, such a wonderful tale involving so many underwater creatures, and those who get to the top too. The language used by the students is so engaging. I was on tender hooks throughout the story. I so imagined it in my mind but thanks too to the visual cues. I was also impressed by the students’ voices.


  5. Hi Patrica,
    Many thanks for the comments. It is much appreciated. The children loved being part of the travelling tale. Connecting with students from around the world was so much fun. I am in the process of writing a blog about this. So will share more information later in the week. Thanks again for tour comments.
    Cheers, Joel


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