Ch Ch Changes

A little over a year after my first ever blog post and a lot has changed.

I was a lurker a year ago. 


  •  I was happy to consume content  – I used Twitter as way for checking football gossip ( I still do this…but not as much!).
  • I didn’t make global connections  (apart from family and friends living around the world).
  • I didn’t create any content  – I didn’t write a blog, I didn’t share what was happening in the classroom.
  • I didn’t particpate -I was not commenting on blogs, joining in MOOC’s

As a  teacher

  • The kids I worked with created lots of amazing content but no one ever saw it.
  • They collaborated in their classroom or in other Grade 1 classrooms  but not on a global scale.
  • They communicated however not out of Luxembourg.

But ( the good news) and with the help of COETAIL  and my awesome PLN.

I was a lurker but I have changed.

22402993359_ff2cfd1246_oWhat changed?

I received a challange in my first post from a comment made from Jeff Utecht. It is something that I keep on coming back to.

Jeff Utecht's Comments from my First Blog Post
Jeff Utecht’s Comments from my First Blog Post

I realised the most important thing that I needed to learn is how to connect my students to others around the world. I also needed to find a PLN so that I could learn and share ideas across the world. I needed to get connected.

Twitter, COETAIL, My RSS feeder, Educators around the world with similar ideas, Pocket ( I love pocket -an amazing tool to read articles etc when offline), have all made the world a smaller place. It has allowed me to change, to connect.

COETAIL has rewired me as as a learner,  teacher and innovator. I know that this is not the end of the road of my journey because the journey of an educator is that they we are always developing. You see,  I am (still) going through Ch Ch Changes.

Photo Credit: Chris Piascik via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Chris Piascik via Compfight cc

Time to face the strange ( as the great David Bowie famoulsy said).

I am working in a new grade. Goodbye Grade 1, I am now a K2 Teacher.

I have a new role at my school. No longer a Grade Level Leader for Grade 1, now an Activator of Thinking and Learning for Lower School.

Things are a little strange but it is fantastic to be working with a new team of people, to be in a new environement, to be working in different ways, to be working with a new curriuculm. It might not seem like a lot but the changes are invogorating and exciting.

What’s new? 

The year has started with a bang. It has been all go. 3 weeks into the school year and our K2 class has been so busy:-

One of the biggest things for me is that I am documenting and sharing what is happening with others. The learning that is going on is real and has real purpose. Their is an audience that we are sharing the processes to our learning – not just the product. Follow our journey @mrbevsclassroom

How do these changes affect my Course 5 project?

When I wrote down my ideas for the Course 5 Project ( Magic Carpet Ride) I was thinking that I would be teaching Grade 1 children (6 & 7 Year olds)  in a curriculum that I helped to design.  Now I am teaching K2 children (5 &6 year olds)  in a curricullum that I am getting more familair daily. The thing is that I am changing my mind on a daily basis as to what my project should be.

Do I document the MakerSpace development?

Do I think about connecting classes across the world together though making a book online?

Do I use Scratch to begin coding with 5 year olds?

Do I introduce digital literacy to the class to give them the best possible start to their digital footprint?

What do you think? I am not sure…

I am (still) going through Ch Ch Changes.

4 thoughts on “Ch Ch Changes

  1. Awesome!!!

    I am similar to you- a year ago I was disconnected, lurking and confused… now I have connections around the world (literally!) and I feel like I can reach out to my PLN and ask for help. I’m also in a new position but new school as well…. before I was just a Grade 5 teacher but now I’m a Humanities teacher in Grade 5 in a one-to-one setting and I have no idea how to even book an ipad..!

    I love the idea of coding- it would be so awesome. You probably already know common sense media has amazing online lessons ( for all ages and focuses, but if not check them out.

    I have no idea what to do with my own… I’m thinking connect online for book clubs but I am very confused. I’m excited to help you and watch your project! Way to go! 🙂



    1. Thanks so much for the comment, NKS. The start of the year is always a busy time of year. However with changes of school, grade or job thrown into the mix things become a even more manic! Thanks for the reminders from commonsense media too.
      I have so many ideas for my project but I can not seem to stick with one. I am probably at the time where I need to set myself a deadline of time to finalise my thoughts. Hmmm…
      I wish you all the best with your move and I look forward to seeing what your project involves – If you want any help or a sounding board then please get in touch. Good luck with everything.
      Cheers, Joel


      1. Hey Joel-

        How’s it going? Was thinking about you today as I have not left the house to work on Coetail final project. Phew!! Any progress on your end? If you don’t mind, I’d love to hear your feedback on my project (if you have time!)



      2. Thanks NKS. Love your project. It is brilliant. Children learning and growing as learners from each other. So powerful. Well done.
        Mine is coming on…slowly!! Thanks, Joel


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