Messing around in Course 3 – Course 3 Final Project – Modern CV

Photo Credit: Ryan Dickey via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Ryan Dickey via Compfight cc

When creating my Course 3 Final Project my thoughts turned to the past. I have been working at the International School of Luxembourg for nearly 4 years (this is my first step into International Education.) Before that I was teaching in Central London.

In 4 years not only I have personally changed, but as a teacher too. Being part of International Education has allowed me to have so many opportunities – whether that be through Professional Development, through sports trips, making connections with other educators around the world, and of course COETAIL. I genuinely feel very lucky to have been given this opportunity to teach in a different country, alongside some amazing colleagues.

I have spruced up… so how about my CV?

Before this course on digital literacy my CV looked like any other document. Boring, plain…it did not tell a story into who I was.

Messing Around

I have messed around a lot during this course. Each week there were more tools to play around with, to experiment with, to create with.

Week 1 was learning about design and keeping things simple. I simplified my blog. Which I have subsequently changed again. Below are the 4 different designs that I have messed around with….

Future Wise 1
Future Wise 1
Future Wise 2
Future Wise 2
Future Wise 3
Future Wise 3
Future Wise 4
Future Wise 4

Week 2 was thinking about visuals. The power of using visuals in the classroom and in everyday life. I am constantly messing around with visuals in class. After all thinking visually comes more naturally to us than thinking verbally.

Week 3 was looking into Presentation Zen and the amazing different ways of presenting information for a specific audience. I found this so interesting finding out and messing around making a few different presentations using their methodologies.  I particularly enjoyed the Kawaskai Method and the Takahashi Method.

Week 4 was thinking about using visual literacy tools to tell a story. I loved messing around the huge variety of tools that are available to use today. I particularly enjoyed playing around with Adobe Voice, Adobe Slate, Vine, Storybird.  I even set a challenge to readers to tell their story.  Below is mine… Whats yours?

Week 5 brought the world of infographics into my view. I really enjoyed the stats and facts that I discovered during my reading. You name it… you can get an infographic on it! I also loved messing around using a few tools such as Canva, Piktochart and Easly.

So that brings up to speed. As stated earlier, my CV needed a spruce up. So after messing around with some of these tools, throughout course 3 (such as Canva, and Piktochart). I decided to not use any of them! Jocelyn Sutherland had created a brilliant CV using Pages. I really liked the look of her CV and I had a little mess around with Pages to see what I could create. Here is my first attempt.

But I was not done there. I continued to mess around with Pages and after doing more research I found this CV, which I really like the look of, too. So I tried to merge the 2 ideas together to create my own remixed CV.

Here is the results of my messing around. 

I am really happy with how it looks. I think it has many elements of my learning that Course 3 has taught me. Perhaps more importantly it has allowed me to mess around with some amazing tools that I can now bring into my classroom and share with the children in my class.

Messing around…isn’t it great!

10 thoughts on “Messing around in Course 3 – Course 3 Final Project – Modern CV

  1. Hi Joel,
    Love your post and new cv- it looks great, oh and your new look blog. The links on your cv are genius as well as the Ray Charles addition- so you. Great combination if you listen to the track at the same time as reading your cv. Truly inspiring.


    1. Hi Suzy,
      Thanks so much for you comments. Always so positive. You are an inspirational colleague to work alongside whom I have learnt so much from.
      Cheers, Joel


  2. Hi Joel,

    You’ve done some awesome work over Course 3. It is always great when the learning can be transferred straight to the classroom. Even though I’m at the opposite end of school age range to you, I too have been excited at introducing new tools & techniques into my classes.
    I like your video. It is short & catchy. And you CV looks fantastic. The design is clean, simple and effective. I makes you want to read it & the information is clear & to the point. Maybe it would be good if the QR code took the reader to a more detailed digital CV that employers could read further once your CV had piqued their interest.
    There are so many cool examples of CVs out there. Here are some that I found particularly interesting; In particular liked Chris Liu’s effort. Very clever & catchy. For a bit of a laugh Alec Biedrzycki’s ‘Hire Me’ is a classic
    I will be looking for a new job come this October so it is my mission to follow your lead & make a great CV.


    1. Hi Blair,
      Thanks so much for your comments. It is much appreciated. I like the idea of adapting the QR Code to a more detailed CV – although it may take me a while to make that!!
      I think the hire me from Alec Biedrzycki is great and with a little remixing may give me an idea for my All About Me Page. Good luck in the job hunt in October. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
      Cheers, Joel


  3. Hey Joel,
    What a wonderful learning journey you went through during the writing of this final post – thank you for sharing the step-by-step process you went through. I loved creating a graphic representation of myself, how about you? Your post is additionally appealing because who doesn’t love Ray Charles! Thank you for sharing your weekly journey too – I’m going to work from the inspiration of your Week 4 learning and try to find ways to tell my story. 🙂 Anyway, great work this course – your learning is truly evident – you’ve been creating and messing around like crazy!
    The best to you,


    1. Hi Wendy,
      Thanks for your comments. I really process of making the CV – although it did take me some time in choosing the right tool – I suppose that is all part of the mess around!!
      I would like to see your story – what tool do you think you will use to tell it?
      Thanks again for for your supportive words.


  4. Hi Joel,
    Love everything about this post from the candy (image) in the beginning to the jazzy end! Your CV looks great, I think it will inspire mine. I am still counting on making one for myself and love some elements of yours. Great trip throughout this course! Looking forward to seeing what will you bring on course 4. Enjoy your break!


    1. Hi Valdir,
      Thanks for your comments. It’s much appreciated. I found course 3 lots of fun – so many new things to explore and mess around with. I am thinking of using your video idea for my about me page – just a thought at this stage! Enjoy your time off too. Cheers , Joel


  5. Hi Joel,
    What a great CV! While doing the final project I have been trying to find a very delicate balance between keeping it simple, clear and visually appealing while not going crazy on the graphics to the point of distraction and I think you have done a really excellent job at marrying the two. I am just finishing up mine but felt that something was missing. I really like that you included the twitter, email and phone symbols- a really simple way to add visuals that are effective and relevant. I found this link pretty good for ensuring I was keeping on track too Thanks for the cv inspo!


    1. Hi Laura,
      Thanks for your comments. It is my much appreciated. I hadn’t seen the link that you shared with me. It’s a good one – I will certainly bookmark it for the future. I agree the balance between good design and visuals is a tricky one. There is no need to add visuals for the sake of it. There are still things I would like to change – but I will save those for a rainy day or when I’m looking for a job. Thanks for the links. Good luck in finishing off your CV. Cheers, Joel


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