6 thoughts on “K.I.S.S.

    1. Hi Suzy,
      Thanks for lingering! The blog is a work in progress, a little bit at a time. Maybe we can both become WordPress ninja’s?!


  1. So many good ideas in here. I think this post is such a great example of how you don’t need to write what would easily translate into a traditional paper essay to still communicate reflection and synthesis. Did you purposefully keep your paragraphs short with a lot of breaks? (I like it with the break of text because that’s how my brain works, by the way)

    Side note, when I grade COETAIL blogs (or my student blogs) I have to basically flip a switch in my brain to remind myself to pay attention. Because I treat reading reading online with the attention span of a gnat, I have to remind myself to focus and read. I wonder if we need to teach our kids this too. Something to ponder.


    1. Hi Rebekah,
      Thanks for the comments. Yes, I purposefully tried with this post to keep my paragraphs at a minimum length. I find it difficult to read long paragraphs myself and after the readings from last week I thought I would try it too! I am glad that it came across in my post.
      I agree about the attention span. It is so difficult to finish reading an article. It makes me think about Nielsen’s apt description of the online reader: “We’re active participants on the Web, looking for information and diversion” . As bloggers we have to embrace hypertext. Keep things short for the masses, but offer links for those who want to and can read more! Cheers, Joel


  2. Hi Joel,

    Super catchy title and image… It really stood out! Really enjoyed looking through your blog and reading your post. You used to the dot several techniques to keep your reader and make your blog visually appealing!
    I appreciated seen that someone else wants to keep it simple.
    I particularly liked Anaïs Nins’s quote (maybe it’s the French teacher in me…). Your insight on how we interpret/see the world made me think on how people would perceive what I visually created. I hope that it translates what I stand for and who I am. Often, both in the real and virtual world, we care too much about the looks and forget functionality or, what is worst, ourselves. In spaces where individuals “brand” themselves it’s really tough to keep our identity…
    Thanks for igniting this reflection!


    1. Hi Valdir,
      Thanks for the comments.
      I think in this busy, over-connected world it is sometimes difficult to simplify things. We can make things too busy and then people switch off. Online readers “are selfish, lazy, and ruthless.” . The online environment works against you as a reader and so it is vital that we make blogs as simple but functional as possible. Short pieces of information linking back to sources which then allows readers to discover more if they want to.
      Cheers, Joel


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