New Beginnings

After 4 weeks of school holidays where not once did I check school emails or think about school, I thought it was about time to prepare myself for a couple of new beginnings in my life.

Firstly my wife and I are expecting our third child within a matter of weeks (It’s OK though, I am sure we will be fine everyone says the third is really easy!!). To help get us prepared I have been doing some DIY in the girls bedroom by making a bunkbed.


Secondly I am beginning to delve deeper into the world of COETAIL. I have signed up to be part of the online cohort 5, starting in September 2015. 


My interest is the course began, in June 2014 during a course with Jeff Utecht at the Learning Institute hosted by The American School in London. I dipped my toe in the water (so to speak) as I became aware of Connectivism Theroy, developed an understanding of learning communities, learnt about the power of blogging, discovered the Flipped Classroom, read about the power of gaming in the elementary classroom, recognised the need for 20% time in the classroom and much more. I returned to school with lots of ideas for the school year. Some things were incorporated into how our team works such as all our grade 1 children (80 children) were blogging on kidblog (showing their learning to other people for a purpose), children used iPads to create, communicate, and colloborate with other people, 20% time was started at the end of units so that the children had time to reflect, reinvent and create in their own time and at their won pace. However as we know there are usually a million and one things that have to be done at a school and the eternal juggling act means that some things get left behind. So there are many things that I wanted to attempt in the classroom that I did not have the opportunity to try to use in my school day. There have been so many links go amazing ideas that I have found on twitter or on blogs that I have not yet put into action. Which got me thinking about working as part of a community, making connections, having conversations with like minded people and so my thoughts returned perhaps looking into starting the COETAIL course.

When I heard a that a few of my colleagues were thinking about signing up for the COETAIL course I thought back to the learning experience that I had last Summer and about how it had transformed the way that I taught and how the children in my classroom were learning. I wanted to know more…

So here I am writing my first COETAIL blog post before a couple of exciting new chapters in my life begin and I am looking forward to the future.

A young boy dreams big dreams of what lies beyond


2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Looking forward to learning more and taking ideas further in Grade 1. Your DIY skills looking good and your future certainly looks bright-exciting times Joel.


  2. Glad you are here and can’t wait to get this cohort started and expand even more the COETAIL community. It’s an amazing supportive journey and one I hope you truly enjoy and see impact in your classroom immediately.


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