Creating Deep Learning in a Time of Change

How do we create an education system that is built for our students? What tools, structures and systems can re-imagine the learning that happens in schools?

If these are some of the questions that you are grappling with…then you are in the right place. Take a look at some of my recent blog posts here.


When classrooms and schools focus on their culture, they become places of intellectual stimulation where the focus is on deliberately developing young learners who can think, create and question.

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Travelling Tales

It is true that technology’s impact on education is only just beginning, but technological tools are already redefining the way we teach and learn. How do we harness the power of connectivism and constructivism to use tech to redefine learning.

Take a look at some information about Travelling Tales – the global storytelling project that I created.

Professional Learning

Creating Professional Learning Experiences so that we collectively grow our shared understanding is something that I am passionate about. Together we can co-create a new and improved school system, where learning is re-imagined.

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Vlogs/Podcasts/Guest Articles

Eduro #coachbetter Podcast – March 2020

Article for TES

About Me

Currently a number of roles including:

  • Elementary Curriculum Coordinator for International School of Panama
  • Creating Cultures of Thinking Online Coach for Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • COETAIL Online 12 Instructor
  • Creator and Facilitator of global collaborative story telling project “Travelling Tales”

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